Bumper Repair

The Collision Center high-tech plastic bumper repair is a quick and easy process, especially when compared to more traditional bumper repair techniques. At The Collision Center we are staffed with car and bumper repair experts who take great care while using advanced procedures to restore your car-esteem.

Bumper RepairWe use new state-of-the-art bumper repair technology that allows us to keep the originally manufactured bumper on your car, as opposed to a traditional body shop that usually just replaces your bumper, which is more costly.

The benefits of The Collision Center’s advanced bumper repair technology’s are:

  • It saves you money.
  • It saves you time.
  • It restores your car’s original parts.
  • It protects the value of your car.

Of course, like all The Collision Center services, our plastic bumper repair also includes our lifetime guarantee. And you don’t pay a cent until you’re satisfied.